WOD: 6-26-12

Strength:  40 Calorie Row for time

WOD:  3 rounds for time:

7 Hang Squat Clean + 2 Push Jerks (115/75)
14 Wall Balls
50 Double Unders


The devil of this workout is in the details!  Working our way from the bottom, three rounds of fifty Double Unders is going to require some serious footwork.  The trick is to not let your feet remain planted after the Wall Balls, but to also have them ready to open up for the hips to get low in the Hang Squat Clean.  The Wall Balls in this WOD are just enough of a nuisance that if not taken care of quickly and properly, they will certainly add stress on the shoulders that’ll force you to break the Double Unders into smaller sets.  Lastly, the HSC + 2 PJ!  This combo is trickier than it looks as long as you want to go fast.  First and foremost, be sure to deadlift the bar as oppose to power cleaning your first rep.  Once you have landed your lift at the bottom of the Front Squat, having the bar in a proper rack position in order to stand will be crucial to stave off fatigue.  The first of the Push Jerks will be easy in the all the way through, but you are not done there.  Once your shoulders decide not to work on the last round, proper form in lowering the bar will be absolutely clutch to land in the proper rack in order to go into that last Push Jerk.

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